" Hotel Butler Academy " POWERED BY B.A.S. CONSULTANY & INTERNATIONAL TRAINING , has been founded to provide creative and proven solutions to privately owned properties , Hotels and Cruise Yachts ,wishing to develop into the Luxury & Lifestyle Hotel Brand and maximize their business in a very different way. Its successful formula is based on “ The Elegant service style ” and “Personalized Service” , combined with a results-oriented focus and an emphasis on continuously developing your hotel team to the next level of Service experience & Service delivery. Anticipating guest needs and exceeding expectations… is not only the slogan, but Mr. Eman pledge to his guests, clients and his business partners.


Pre-assessment of the individual or group trainee(s) and the environment of operations  and Training facility are the deciding factors in the selection of Training modules. Depending on the selected modules may be partial, total, or in combinations and these would determine the time allotted or duration of training sessions. We inspire  future principals to apply the elegant style in the service delivery . We train your Hotel front of house service staff and your future graduated students to deliver the Elegant service style inspired from the Butling Service  style, in every details.

Training itself is not the only key of our successes. We inspire our students and your employee to design a tailor made training service manual.  We transform your Head Departments to become the future in house Trainer, specialized in each of their own field. Our Training vision will become an integral part of your Learning & Development strategy .


Training is about change, Training is about transformation.