Basic idea of the Service Outlet training concept

  • Introduction of a training programme and personalised development
  • Evaluate through assessments to develop the skills and potential of employees.
  • Training as an important part of human resources development


Getting to the point

  • Make career opportunities and processes transparent and understandable for crew members, and enable career planning that is fair, strategic, individual and structured.
  • Reduce crew turnover
  • Ensure smooth transfers across fleets to utilise crew with potential


In our experience, most employees pass the assessments with at least 50%.

For this purpose, we offer a special training in a shorter period of time, during which the employees can expand their basic skills in terms of theoretical knowledge and, above all, in terms of practical skills.

This approach (which is applicable to all operational areas) enables potential customers to have all their employees trained in our competence centre in a cost-effective and efficient manner (approximately one week).


Pre Boarding Learning Programme Guest Mode Training (Restaurant & Bar) = 5 days


Serving techniques & servicestyle

Refilling water / beverages

Decanting wine

Placing tablecloth & restaurant preperations

Placing the napperon & other table ingredients

Setting-up the table for five-course meal

Setting table for breakfast & lunch

Clearing table

Coffee & tea service

Digestif service

Placing additional cuttlery

Refilling wine glasses

Removing plate and glasses from the table

Serving beer

Buffet service knowledge

Serving sparkling wine

Serving the main courses

Serving the soup courses

How to lead your guests to the table

Taking orders at the table

Preparing the station for the service

Verbal & non verbal communication techiques

Service etiquette

Synchronized service style

How to deal with difficult / demanding guests

Bar tools / equipment

Serving beverages

Mixing techniques

14 basic coctail and mixed drinks

Wine service

How to lead guests to the bar

How to take beverage order

Coffee & high tea service

Service techniques & service style

Digestif service

Verbal & non verbal communication technique

How to deal with difficult / demanding geusts

Liquid measures

How to remove glasses from the counter & table

Refilling beverages

How to serve food order

Service etiquette

Preparing the bar for the service


The Tuition Fee cost of 5 days training program is € 1.115,- (223 Euro per day) excluded accomodation of € 50 per day included breakfast.

To secure your place in the program, we require fee of € 215. The remaining balance of € 900,- for the training fee should be settled no later than 40 days before the start of the program.


For any questions or booking requirements please contact : 

Attention to : Mr. Olaf Eman 

Email Adress:

Phone number: +49 173 528 35 13