Certification title Restaurant Service Specialist




The Food & Beverage Service ‘s trade and obtain a vocational qualification to enter the job market


Waiters work in restaurants (traditional, gourmet, etc.) or hotels (room service), in contact with customers, kitchen staff, the maître d’hôtel and the restaurant manager.
He or she is responsible for restaurant room service, from room preparation to customer departure, including reception, table service, cash collection and clean-up operations. At all times, his behavior and presentation are consistent with the company’s image. He contributes to customer development through his professionalism. At the end of the training, the candidate will be able to obtain the following attestations and certificates: Professional title Restaurant waiter & Health and Safety certificate.


The Tuition Fee cost of 15 days training program is € 3.350,- (223 Euro per day) excluded accomodation of € 50 per day included breakfast.

To secure your place in the program, we require fee of € 350. The remaining balance of € 3.000,- for the training fee should be settled no later than 40 days before the start of the program.


The following is included in the tuition fee, and more:

  • 15 days training will be presented by professional trainers (graduated Master of Service at “The International Butler Academy” ) in our training facilitation in Cologne - Germany, where we train every season the future cruise ships employee for the pre boarding training and the magamement skill profile training for variouse clients from the cruise and hotel industry.
  • Students have their own private and very comfortable room bedrooms. All bedrooms have a window with a beautiful view on the Rhine River.
  • All transportation, including all field trips (if scheduled), plus transportation to and from train and/or airports. More information about this will be shared once you are enrolled.
  • More important than anything is that you will receive a framed, internationally recognized Professional Restaurant Waiter certification from our Academy.


Basic Program Description

Recognizing that the Restaurant Server is a key element in a team of professionals in hotel, resorts and cruise line ships, along with striving to deliver a level of individualized service that exceeds the expectation of the guest, the TRAINING PROGRAM provides a very intensive and exciting approach for students in creating a pathway of awareness of individualized detailed, seamless guest service.

Restaurant Server are trained to take gentle care of all their guests from arrival until departure without imposing themselves on the guest. The attention to detail required, and the ability to anticipate the needs of guest’s is a pivotal part of this motivating restaurant service training program. 



  1. Unrivaled attention to detail
  2. Amazing skills in anticipating guests’ needs
  3. Attentive interaction to fulfill guests’ special requests
  4. Achieve a seamless and distinctive level of service
  5. Unparalleled service, transcending the expectation of guests
  6. Indulging guests with thoughtful touches of luxury
  7. Creating a memorable experience through personalized service


Modules include:

Theoretical training  (3 days)

  2. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SKILLS; Grooming and Presentation Skills
  3. BASIC GUEST INTERACTION SKILLS; Etiquette, Manners and Protocol  
  4. GUEST AWARENESS SKILLS; Cultural Awareness  
  7. BEVERAGE SERVICE SKILLS; Wine & Beverage Service. Basic Mixology
  8. GUEST SUITE SKILLS; Room Service standards. 


Practical Service training  (3 days)

Basic dining room and table management.

Basic Service standards.

Menu appreciation and basic culinary knowledge

Setting the table. Exploring the service styles plated, silver, synchronised service style.

Basic beverage presentation and serving Basic interpersonal skills and dining etiquette.


Beverage techniques (2 theoretical training days)

Introduction to the world of wine

Understanding wine regions and grapes

Learn the fundamentals of correct wine service

Discover how to store wine on-board a cruise line ships / hotels / resorts

Participate in structured cheese tasting

Basic knowledge of the main spirits

Basic understanding of cocktail tools

Gain the basics of cocktail methods and preparation



Service style (5 practical training days)

Synchronized service 

Canapé and afternoon tea Service

Buffet Service knowledge

Mise en place  & plenty of hands-on practise

Understanding luxury accompaniments, French terminology and menu items

Table setting and decoration

Basic dining room and table management

Basic Service standard.

Menu appreciation and basic culinary knowledge

Setting the table. Exploring the service styles plated, silver, synchronised service style.

Basic beverage presentation and serving Basic interpersonal skills and dining etiquette.


Product knowledge ( 2 days)

Wine and Champagne service

Cheese tasting

Food and wine pairing

Viticulture, vinication and climate

The wines of France – regions and grape varieties

Wines of the world

Sparkling, fortied and sweet wine

Wine tasting

Storing and decanting wine


The dates for the upcoming 15 days training programs are;

  • March , 2025
  • July, 2025
  • Oktober, 2025
  • March, 2026
  • July, 2026
  • Oktober, 2026
  • March, 2027
  • July 2027
  • Oktober, 2027
  • March, 2028
  • July, 2028
  • Oktober, 2028


Active and participative teaching methods with course application:

  • Setting the scene
  • Case studies
  • Training support documents projected in the classroom
  • Access to a digital space dedicated to training (E-Learning)
  • Guest mode practical training
  • Group assigment


For any questions or booking requirements please contact : 

Attention to : Mr. Olaf Eman 

Email Adress: info@hotelbutleracademy.com

Phone number: +49 173 528 35 13