Several instruments exist to assist to identify the training style. You may wish to complete one to determine your style. Most suggest that there are several styles. You may have learned about your communication style, managerial style, or leadership style in the past. The most important correlation between training style theory and other style theories is that all styles are appropriate for different situations. There is no right or wrong style.


  • Each of our Trainers has a preferred training style that has been developing over the years.
  • All styles are appropriate for various situations.
  • Each style has advantages and disadvantages.
  • Each learners have their preferred learning styles, and each of the training styles affects each of the learning styles in different ways, some helpful and some less so.
  • The most successful trainers will be those who are flexible, that is, they can adapt training style to that of the learner. We coach our Trainer to anticipate to the needs of the Trainee. 
  • Training style is only effectieve once the changes and the transformation take place in the way how employee and students apply certain skills and knowledge.