How To Become A Concierge


Introduction - Concierge

The word 'Concierge' probably conjures up a stylish suit-clad professional in some fancy five-star hotel . Concierges are the first point of contact between guests and a given organisation.


They extend their hospitality by answering queries, directing phone calls and upholding company culture to ensure that visitors and guests feel welcome and respected. 

Similar Job Titles Job Description

  • Hotel Concierge
  • Front Office Receptionist
  • Night Auditor


What are the typical responsibilities of a Concierge?

A Concierge would typically need to:

  • Greet guests in the lobby upon their arrival to make them feel welcome and respected; assist with their baggage while directing them to different parts of the hotel
  • Book rooms for existing or prospective clients; manage billing and checkout
  • Offer assistance in various ways, including arranging transportation for guests, introducing them to the property, offering restaurant and activity recommendations, providing information about the local area and arranging events as requested by them
  • Conduct administrative tasks such as receiving and redirecting mail, arranging currency exchanges, booking travel tickets and answering phone calls and email requests from existing and potential guests in a timely and respectful manner
  • Ensure that all hotel areas, such as the guest spaces and lobby, are tidy at all times
  • Liaise between guests and departmental services including the kitchen, housekeeping and logistics
  • Communicate with existing and new guests regularly to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with them; anticipate and resolve guests’ needs and complaints to provide them with an exceptional stay
  • Maintain an inventory of supplies and order new stocks whenever necessary
  • Prepare and present monthly / daily reports to the management 
  • Ensure that their employer’s hospitality services comply with company and government rules and regulations
  • Remain aware of daily guests and their requirements and the general goings-on such as functions or events taking place or the arrival of VIPs and groups of guests


Concierge Professional Development

Though career advancement is possible solely via experience, some large companies often offer graduate recruitment programs, support and coaching by senior managers and periodic progress reviews. 


The programs differ based on the employer and may be tailored to certain aspects of the hospitality setting or cover a range of operations. These programs usually cover diverse elements such as restaurants, bars, sommelier training, room service, housekeeping, conference and banqueting.

You would also learn about reception, reservations, the concierge desk, guest relations, and night management.

When required, you may also receive specialised training in finance, revenue management, marketing, and human resources.


Training Modules:

  1. Developing Quality Guests Service Skills
  2. Hotel Operations
  3. Guests Care Skills and Telephone Etiquette
  4. Communication and Conflict Management
  5. Introduction to Guest Service Excellence
  6. Corporate Social Skills and Etiquette


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