Housekeeping Management 

 The subsequently listed Training Program represent a small selection of our repertoire:

  • Planning and control of the necessary basic cleaning
  • Creation of cleaning plans
  • Daily planning and adjustment of the required personnel
  • Planning and documentation of ISO activities
  • Report technical defects to the hotel
  • Monitoring of repair or maintenance work
  • Assumption of room control and empty room control
  • Organisation of additional sleeping arrangements, such as baby cots or extra beds
  • Organisation and administration of guest items
  • Management of the lost property office
  • Preparation and implementation of annual instruction and staff training
  • Seasonal decorations

Our housekeeper not only takes care of the smooth running of our service offerings, her creativity ensures that added feel-good factor in your hotel.

Room Cleaning Service

 In addition to cleaning work, such as making beds, dusting and vacuuming, we also take on other tasks to help your hotel staff, leaving them as little responsibility for the rooms as possible. We take care of the guest rooms, from the daily cleaning to the departure of the hotel guests and offer you the following additional service:

  • Documentation of left belongings
  • Notification of non departing guests
  • Information if a reserved room was left clean
  • Notification if cleaning was not carried out on request of the guest
  • Fill up minibar or coffee station
  • Carrying out routine cleaning work (for example mattress turning)
  • Clearing used dishes

Laundry Service

  • Ordering the laundry at the responsible laundry
  • Acceptance and control of laundry
  • Planning and execution of periodic inventories
  • Distribution of laundry in laundry rooms
  • Packing dirty laundry and leaving it ready for collection
  • Constant control of the laundry rotation
  • Gathering guest’s laundry and laying it out ready for collection
  • Management and preparation of replacement pillows and covers
  • Removal of worn, torn or stained laundry
  • Regular monitoring of the cleaning of curtains and blinds

Hotel Minibar

The minibar is an essential part of a guest room and should always be properly stocked. So that your hotel guests want for nothing, we offer them a minibar service and ensure:

  • The minibar is filled up and stocked with snacks and drinks
  • Regular control of the best before dates
  • Regular cleaning of the fridge
  • Ordering the necessary goods
  • Registration of consumed snacks and drinks

Hotel Carpet

Generally, a distinction is made between wet and dry cleaning. Standard Training  methods of wet cleaning include shampooing and spray extraction. The carpets are thoroughly vacuumed to prepare for these procedures. Then the carpet is shampooed with a single-disc or triple-disc machine. In the process, surfactants are added to the carpet pile, which dissolve the dirt and trap it in the foam.

The pile is rinsed with water in the subsequent spray extraction and the dirt is removed in this process. In addition, an antistatic agent can prevent the carpet picking up excessive static charge. The dried carpet is vacuumed again so that any residual crystals of the carpet shampoo are completely removed. With this cleaning, your carpet is maintained and ready to meet its high demands.

Turn Down Service

To prepare for the night’s rest:

  • Shaken-out pillows and bedding and perfectly smooth sheets
  • Properly laid out nightwear or dressing gown
  • A chocolate on the pillow ready for the guest
  • Care products provided for the nigh


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