As a trainer /Instructor we need to determine what is most important and what we need to know so that we can recommend a learning event that is most beneficial to the participants as well for the organisation. One of the most important reasons for conducting a needs assessment and analyzing the data is to determine which training Module need to be used or designed tailor made to the requirement.


Once the strategy of the Training need is clear we need to work with the individual person. It isn’t over until you know whether it is a training need! These quick questions help you to pinpoint the answer.

  • Does the individual have the skill to do the job?
  • Does the individual have the will to do the job?
  • Is the individual allowed to do the job?
  • Does your employeeee have sufficient awareness of the different stages of excellence service ?
  • Is the individual employee inspired to understand the life style of the Hospitality industry ? 
  • What makes you as employee and graduated student distinguished in your appearance ?
  • Does the individual person knows of the importance of Etiquette & Style ? 
  • What does it means succes comes from within ?
  • How do you become a passionate Host ? 
  • How do you deal with critical situation of your life while dealing with human factor.