Training manual is a key contribution to the implementation of a Training Program.

Its use as part of an overall strategy of standardization and optimization of competences to ensure continuous staff development and specifically taking on responsibility for it. This is aimed at increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees to meet both present and future needs of the organisation.


B.A.S. is committed to professional development and recognizes that it is essential to enable continuous improvement and organisational change. Therefore, our Trainers are keen to promote a positive ethos towards the process of advanced professional training and to ensure that all staff continually engages in relevant activities and are offered new opportunities throughout their careers. This program is designed to improve team work and to motivate a proactive attitude in the support of company profit and image. It also offers the opportunity to develop professional culture and is a tool to show and confirm individual knowledge.


Hotel Butler Academy  Training Program consists of:


  1. Must attend one of the mandatory courses and complete it successfully: Etiquette Protocol, Standard of Appearance, Style of Communication, how to become a passionate Host, Success comes from within, Service in Elegance, Tue Art of Service, Dress to impress.
  2. Can attend one of the skill profile Courses: How to manage your principal - your guests, Presentation skill, Service Revenue in Harmony, Culture boundaries, Feedback, Complaint Handling, Team building. 
  3. Management Training: Leadership skill, Train the Trainer,  use the knowledge of Team-player for HR strategic decision, Conflict Management through Self-reflection analysis and Mediation techniques, How to manage difficult crew issues. 
  4. Technical  service training in guest mode in various hotel departement (Concierge,  Front office, Guest relation, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping and if applicable Butler departement): Fine dinning, Personalized service in the Suite, Anticipate guest needs through Guest relation services, First impression - everlasting impression through elegance service delivery, Housekeeping Management skills, Front Office & Concierge Service delivery., Menu Engineerings - cooking skills, wine & Beverage knowledge.