Training is about change. It is about transformation.

It is all about learning. Training is a process designed to assist hotel employee to acquire new skills, knowledge or attitudes. As a result, your staff will make a change or transformation that improves or enhances their performance. These improvements ensure that your employee & organisations are able to do things better, faster, easier, and with higher quality and a better return of investment.

What does B.A.S. expect to accomplish by investing in training efforts for our future principals, business associates and partners?


We desire change in performance of employees in order to:

  • Educate future employee to have awareness of using Etiquette in their daily work performance
  • Train future employee to work on a proper grooming and have awareness of the impact of Standard of Appearance
  • Train future employee of the importance of the style of communication.
  • Increase guests’ satisfaction and deliver a personalized service in Butler style
  • Achieve excellency of service delivery with passion, energy and commitment.
  • Work more effective and efficient and on consistency of the service delivery. 
  • Inspire your head Departement to become the future in house Trainer of your property and use our training module as your integral Learning & Development strategy. 
  • Educate students from the various International Hotel schools and Butler Academy to developed their interpersonal skills
  • With the demand of personalized luxury service we train your employee and students in the awareness of the difference of  service style 
  • Train your employee and graduated students to make the change in their behavior and developed their presentation skills 
  • Train technical skills to become Master of Service